A great big THANK YOU to Dr Wagenblast and therapists Daniel and Staci. I initially saw Dr Wagenblast for knee pain during boot camp exercises. I was surprised and pleased to hear that nothing was wrong with my knees – IT band syndrome was the diagnosis. After just 2 sessions and intensive trigger point therapy, I was able to complete boot camp circuits quicker, stronger, and without pain!
Dr Wagenblast asked on the first visit what my athletic goals were. I blurted out that I would like to complete a Triathlon within the next few years. Dr Wagenblast looked directly at me and asked, “Why not now?” and then told me about the terrific Danskin Tri Training Program at Chasco YMCA. Well, I took the leap and enrolled in the Chasco Y program, continued to visit Dr Wagenblast from time to time, and on Sunday, June 4, I complete my first Danskin Tri! Refreshing to know medical professionals who WANT you to get back on your feet so you can continue to do the activities you want to do AND with improved performance. Caring, Encouraging, and Results Oriented, Staci and Daniel keep me on track with exercises (and they NEVER loose count), always mindful of technique and form. Trigger Point is such a great therapy and “hurts so good.” Thank you for all you do!
Donna Morgan

Just writing today to praise Dr Wagengblast…I figured you would be the best person to email since you’re the marketing director. 🙂 Anyway, I met Dr Wag at the Rookie Triathlon in May for a nagging shin splint. It was an injury that persisted for a couple months and he never gave up trying to figure out the cause of my shin splint and how past injuries affected it. Since then, he has continued to support my training for cycling and running and recently saw me through my first half marathon. He has been very insightful, patient, and encouraging throughout my training and injuries. I just thought someone should know how much I appreciate his help!


Donna Looper

In November, after being diagnosed by my treating physician with IT band syndrome, I was told to stop running for at least four weeks. At the time, I was training for the Walt Disney World “Goofy Challenge” – a half marathon plus full marathon race in January – so I was desperate for another opinion. I was then told by a good friend and training partner about Advanced Rehabilitation, so I tried it out. Dr. Wagenblast saw me right away and treated me with Active Release Therapy and electronic stimulation. I was also provided exercises specific to ITBS, which I did at home. Dr. Wagenblast advised me that I could continue with my marathon training plan – just reduce the mileage a bit. Obviously, I was ecstatic because I thought I was out of the race (or walking it!)

My improvement was almost instant – whereas before I could not run 6 miles without feeling a sharp pain on the outside of my left knee, was able to exceed that mileage with NO PAIN. I was able then to jump right back into my marathon training plan, with long runs of 18 to 20 miles.

A few weeks after starting my treatment with Dr. Wagenblast and Advanced Rehabilitation, I ran the WDW Half Marathon, then the full marathon the very next day. Not only did I run pain free, I achieved a marathon PR and qualified for the Boston Marathon! I certainly could not have raced the Goofy without Dr. Wagenblast’s treatment. Thank you Advanced Rehabilitation and Dr. Wagenblast!!

Steve Walden testimonial

As an athletic individual and professional trainer, I have had my share of injuries. I met Dr. Wagenblast after a long grueling 20 mile run, in Austin. I was having some pain in my knee so I hopped on his table hoping for some kind of fix. However, I am usually of the mindset that the pain will go away if I just ignore it, so at the time I was very skeptical of the treatment. Dr. Wagenblast was able to explain why my knee was hurting and worked it out. I was in shock, as I felt like I could do another 20 miles after I got off the table. I was truly amazed!

It’s been four years since that day and Dr. Wagenblast has become an essential part of my training. Whether training for a 5k to the Ironman. I will seek his medical attention to keep me doing the things I love to do. There have been times, when I thought I would have to quit, but with his attention to the details, I am always back, on my feet racing away.

I train several groups for triathlons and I send my team to him, because I know it is just as important for my team to work with Dr. Wagenblast as it has been for me. There is nothing worse then setting your goals and not being able to finish what you set out to do. Dr. Wagenblast, is the kind of gentleman who wants to spend his time teaching individuals how to prevent injuries with his extensive knowledge of Trigger Point exercises, you will see him rolling up his sleeves and even getting down on the floor making sure that each of them gets the attention they need.

Dr. Seth Wagenblast, of Advanced Rehabilitations, is one of the most intelligent, insightful, caring, entrusting physicians, in Austin, there is. I would not put my care into anyone else’s hands since I have become a patient in his care. There are no relevant substitutes!

I Give Dr. Wagenblast ***** !


Alicia Hawley