Roll Out Class at Fleet Feet in Round Rock 1st Monday every other month.


FREE Trigger Point Therapy/Rollout class at Fleet Feet in Round Rock. We will start at 7pm.

Fleet Feet and Active Sports Therapy & Rehab ULTIMATE-6+ Course
Take your stretching and injury prevention/maintenance to the next level! 1st Monday every other month.
Join Fleet Feet and AST Rehab for a free hands-on course which will a

Allow you to take your knowledge of Trigger Point Performance Therapy to the next level by implementing Myofascial Compression Techniques into your daily routine. Dr. Seth Wagenblast and Dr. Michael Santina of Active Sports Therapy and Rehab will define and work through six major areas of the body that are key areas for runners and endurance athletes. Dr. Wagenblast and Dr. Santina will then build upon this U6 foundation by targeting other specific areas, resulting in even greater efficiency of movement and injury prevention.
Fleet Feet will supply Trigger Point Demo kits and yoga mats but if you would like to bring your own be our guest. This is a great course for those new to TP as well as those who have TP kits but want reinforcement and help to ensure optimal use for recovery and maintenance.
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